"Thank you so much for sponsoring this program! It was so wonderful to congregate with you all, after a year of quarantine. We had a wonderful time and will surely be back next year. We have also shared our experience with other families, so they can participate too! Thank you for all you do!! God bless" ~ H. Family 2021

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this most excellent event. My 7 children loved it and that's all they can talk about.. It is definitely the highlight of our summer!!! God-bless you for this wonderful ministry!!" ~ A. Family 2021

"I cannot begin to express the amount of appreciation I have for the work that went in to making Tuesday’s Skiin with the Galilean event happen. Not only was the weather perfect, but the pure joy that radiated from our residents (and staff’s) faces was priceless. The day was exactly what was needed following a very difficult year." ~ S. Campbell, Breckenridge Village of Tyler 2021

"I was so surprised to see and hear about many residents, some who I never would have imagined, who rode on tubes. What an experience they will never forget. And all of the volunteers were incredible; our boat driver... particularly was so friendly, caring, and compassionate, and I heard the same descriptives used for so many others. Thank you to your entire team for putting this on and allowing us to be a part of it. It was truly a day I will never forget." ~ Lake Athens campers 2021

"So much fun today! We appreciate your hard work & your heart for Foster kiddos it really shows! We can’t wait for next year!" ~ Lake Athens campers 2021

"Thanks so much for such a great event! ... I have been working with kids, youth, and families for close to fifty years. I have been to/on numerous great activities, events, and trips. Lots of special memories. Thursday at Marble Falls ranks way up there with one of the most fun, coolest, and great experiences I have ever had with kids and youth. Our nurture group motto is, “Be Safe, Stick Together, Have Fun”, did all that and it was on the lake tubing and skiing! Our kids and youth had a blast. Our only regret was it was our first time. Hope to be back for many more. Best wishes and blessings for all you do for kids and families."  ~Central Texas Table of Grace 2021

"Thank you again for a fantastic time yesterday! The children had a blast. (...) said she didn't want to leave! The jet skis were definitely a hit. Our boat captain was the absolute BEST. The entire day was a new experience for the kids, including the food. I can't thank you enough for helping to organize this great day on the lake."
~CASA Volunteer 2021

"Four of my CPS kids were able to have a care free day thanks to Skiin’ with The Galilians water ski bible camp. The siblings were allowed to stay together on the same boat. They loved this opportunity to relax and accomplish new feats. Three of
them learned to wakeboard! I think that it helped to see that there are many other foster kids going through similar hardships. They loved the food and the bible lessons. I think the testimonial at the end of the day by a former foster kid made a positive impact on them. Thank you for this opportunity."  ~CASA Volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate) 2019

"Hi,I would like to first thank you all for a WONDERFUL fun filled day!! It was our first time on a speed boat. Captain Roger and April were phenomenal! They had the patience of Job. They took the time to show our family how to use the tubes on the water, canoes and skis. I don’t swim much and I am afraid of the water. They made me comfortable enough to get out of the boat and do some tubing. I had a blast! Anytime the children wanted to stop and swim they were more than accommodating. Though we had our own snacks, they were prepared with snacks and water as well. We couldn’t ask for a better experience on the water. Much so, we are considering buying a boat or joining a boating club. They made a huge positive impact on my entire family. Thank you all so much for inviting us. Keep up the GREAT work that you do. May GOD continue to bless you all!!" ~Zenon Family

"Our family had such a great time with SWTG folks. A truly caring and supportive group of people pulling together sharing with our families. Having a child on the Autism spectrum can make a trip to the grocery store fearful for a parent while going out on a boat feel impossible with out the support provided by this group.  
Thank You for all you do!"  ~Ree Family

"The boat captain and his crew mate were both very expert and very caring about the children’s experience. Seeing the children happy seem to really make them feel happy as well. All the other volunteers did a very nice job and gave a very enjoyable talk to the group. The food provided was top-notch and in particular that grilled zucchini was the best zucchini I’ve ever had in my life. Whoever that chef was I hope he comes back in future years. Everything was very generous because there is zero cost to the participants, and my son really had a good time and was all smiles there and shortly thereafter. If the goal is to make the children happy and let them have fun and a good time it seems like the perfect way to do it." ~Kelley Family

"I am the CASA for 8 year old twin which are currently in Foster Care. I attended Skiin with the Galilean for the first time with these children. It was a totally awesome day. These children have so much stress in their lives and honestly, not a lot of fun. Their foster parent is single, 60 years old and has a full time job. She is taking excellent care of the children but simply does not have the time or financial resources for fun Skiin with the Galilean was FUN FUN FUN. The children had big smiles on their faces the entire day. I have never seen them so happy and the day certainly filled my heart with hope and gladness. Thank you for providing such an awesome experience for these beautiful children."  ~Bundrick Family

"This was our first time to attend SWTG camp. It was amazing. The boat captains, food and 1 hr training were wonderful! Our kids were so excited and had a lot of fun. We built trust and confidence. I would love to make it every year! Thank you so much and God bless everyone that helped!!!!"  ~Ostrander Family

"This was the first time we participated with Skiin' with Galilean and I wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as we got there we were assigned to three wonderful volunteers who were with us all day. They were dedicated to making my foster son feel safe while presenting the opportunity for him to try new things. They were patient, encouraging, and let my foster son set the pace of the experience. At first my son was scared of the water, didn't like riding on the boat, and wanted to go back to the shore. By lunch he was ready to ride on the tube in the middle of the lake! It was a fun and memorable day for my son. Skiin' with Galilean provided an opportunity for him to learn the value of perseverance, trusting others, and having confidence in himself. I highly recommend everyone taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity."  ~Vanhover Family

"Thank you for all you have done for children (now age18) like mine. We have had too many horrific experiences over the past 9 years with the woefully inadequate services for persons with brain-based disabilities in Texas... However, the most fun and the biggest smile I have witnessed on my son's face in all this time was when he was crashing on the waves in that inner tube behind the boat two summers ago when "Skiin' with the Galilean"!"   ~ Marble Falls camper family

"You all are doing so much advanced brain and trauma-informed work and you may not even know it! Playful engagement is an imperative part of the maturing child/youth and overcoming trauma. Trauma creates an excessive fear response. Kids live in a fear-like mode (anxiety, defensive behaviors, triggered behaviors etc). BUT when they play, they can’t have fear. Play is the opposite of fear and it builds trust with a child and caregiver. Another important reason for SWTG is that it gives kids an outlet for healthy risk taking. Teens need to take risks. It develops their problem solving and decision making skills. And it provides a physical sensation that kids are going to find somewhere! Water skiing gives the kids a healthy risk outlet.  FINALLY! The relationship between a teen and parent is often strained. Add the additional factors that foster/adoption can bring with the connection between a parent/kid. This can be devastating to a family. SWTG allows the family to see each other in a completely new way. They connect again when they watch each other have fun or try something new."  ~ J. Kouri, Fostering Hope Austin

"SWTG was such a blessing to my family. The volunteers treated us like royalty and the other families were a joy to be around. The special blessing was when my son had a triggering incident with his PTSD, and the volunteers helped me and my son with understanding, compassion and grace! Thank you to all who give of their time, effort and caring hearts! ~ P. Ramlett

"I credit SWTG for giving me the chance to get out in the community. I have aged out of overnight camp. Thanks to all the amazing kind volunteers I get the opportunity to get on the water. Thanks from the bottom of my heart." ~ Marble Falls camper

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me give back in our small way. We had a great time! We’d also like to thank our boat companions for being sweet and patient with us. It was smooth sailing. If there are any other volunteer opportunities in the future and you need help, please let me know."
~ D. Washington, former foster parent who attended camp in the past, adopted her kids, and they all volunteered this year in Marble Falls

"Thank you so much for our day on the lake. The camp was very well run and organized. The volunteers were amazing. It was such a fun and relaxing day for our family and a great time for us to bond. We will be adopting our son in about 2 weeks and this was the perfect opportunity to have some really good family time before the court date. Our day on the lake will be one our kids will remember forever I'm sure. Our captain was Craig (not sure of his last name?!?) and his son, Reece. They were incredible. What a gift. There are a lot of organizations devoted to helping the kids in foster care but so many of them provide tangible "stuff" and don't give the opportunity for experiences that promote bonding. This event did just that. In addition, you didn't leave out the biological kids (who get overlooked a lot). The bio kids sacrifice more than the parents do sometimes. The camp gave our bio and foster kids a chance to bond over something fun in addition to our son bonding with us as parents. Thank you, so much. Please pass on our thanks to our captain as well as the other volunteers." ~ Marble Falls campers

"On behalf of our family we would like to thank everyone that took the time out for our children. They had a wonderful time. The boat driver was just the greatest, so much patience with our kids. The cook or cooks could not be beat. The whole team (SWTG) for making it all possible. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you and Remember that God Loves you all and So does the H. Family." ~ Marble Falls camper

"We had a wonderful time and so appreciate your team. My girls have still not stopped talking about it. We hope to see you all again next summer. Thanks and God Bless you all." ~ Marble Falls camper

"We thank you, and the boat driver (captain), and his mate, and everyone that makes this event possible. We feel very blessed and we had a very pleasant and memorable experience. Thank you for having us. God Bless all of you!"
~ Marble Falls camper

"I cannot tell you what a wonderful day we had! Our family looks forward to this every year and every kid we have had, from toddler to teen has come away with the best experiences. You treat each kid so special and they feel it! Thank you for this amazing time! I know the day takes so many volunteers and we appreciate every one of you! Thank you!!" ~ Marble Falls camper

"This was my family's 1st trip and we had an awesome time. Excellent food, friendly staff and caring people. Thank you." ~ Marble Falls camper

"I feel so blessed to be around such caring and loving people. Thanks for taking time out of your day so we can feel free from life's obstacles! Thanks from the bottom of my heart." ~ Marble Falls camper

"I am just sitting down at my desk after our fantastic outing with your wonderful group. The kindness, one on one attention, and love your group showed our individuals was beyond any expectations I had for the event. I am humbled by the spirit of your organization, and it was personally a blessing to just be able to let go and see your people bring out the best in our guys. I was amazed (you were right) at the people you got to get on boats! This was a very special event for our guys in so many ways, and for many of them the first time they had done anything like that... It was so great to meet you and all your wonderful volunteers, and God bless you for all the amazing work you do. The Lord is using you for a truly incredible work. They are already asking when we are going again, so it is safe to say everyone had a blast!" ~ C. Pierce

"I have tried since last Tuesday evening to find the words to explain how I felt after spending the afternoon, on Lake Athens, with a group called 'Skiin' with the Galilean'. A physician in Tyler had begged Gwen to come and bring her children to this event for children with medical/special needs and it coincided with my visit... We were then swept onto Captain Gary's very nice boat and suspended in a world of no worries, no disabilities and no concerns for 4 hours. All I saw were the smiles on our girls' faces... I have never been treated to such a time, where everything revolved totally around the child and the caregiver to ensure that they had the best experience possible. There were buddies for every child and their sibling(s) and helpers for every parent. We and our children were royalty for a beautiful afternoon suspended in time."   ~ S. Kiely

"Thanks so much for such a wonderful day! My son and I had an absolute blast!" 
~ J. Erp

"As a teacher, I wanted to say "Thank you for providing this camp". I have seen pictures where some of my students are smiling and having a blast! This is a great program!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" ~ B. Williamson

Children Looking for Forever Families Hit the Lake
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